Green Design

One of the over popularised terms I keep running into is ‘green design’ sometimes almost convicting the product designer with the sole culpability for using plastics where some other organic compound would mean that our children wouldn’t have to live in a designer-inflicted hell hole, devoid of oil.

Of course it would be great if we as designers could simply tell our clients that we want to make their products out of biodegradeble wheat from sustainable sources but in the commercial world, 9 times out of 10 that argument simply wont cut it.

Perhaps, as the real driving force for the bulk of consumer and industrial goods is commercial, there should be incentives or tax/VAT relief to the end user for purchasing ecologically sound products. This way they will be able to compete more easily with ‘traditional’ mass manufacture. It would also encourage the development of better, more attractive and usable compounds for the designer to work with.

Just a thought…


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