Top 5 Reasons for a rosy future in the design industry (or why I grew to love the recession)

Why is there a healthy future predicted for designers in the uk? Here are 5 good, (albeit similar) reasons…

  1. ‘The Recession’ – Government has recognised the need for innovation and design is widely seen as a driver for this. We are still fighting the recession and the government is all too aware of the need to support design-led innovation.
  2. Once again, ‘The Recession’ – companies forced to cut back on in house design teams, looking for consultancy support to provide services as and when required.
  3. Errr… ‘The Recession’ – Companies need to become more streamlined and competitive to survive in the post-recession commercial environment.  Design Council research found that 54 per cent of UK firms were planning to use design to stay competitive during and after the recession. Research shows that companies that don’t invest in growth, research and development during a recession are 2.5 times more likely to fail than those that do.
  4. I can see a pattern forming here… ‘The recession’ – Support programmes and regional development agencies are focussing on making grants available to companies who are looking to invest in innovative projects, employing designers and subsidising/making it easier to justify the front-end investment in design led projects.
  5. You guessed it… ‘The recession’ – Companies have been forced to diversify to keep stable in the new commercial environment. New products and services need design as a key factor to their success.

Perhaps there is a flipside to the recessionary coin for the design industry? It’s not all doom and gloom is it?


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