Aquaflow – Drinking Water Management

We’ve designed a radical water management solution that is to be rolled out across the Kuwaiti water distribution network – and potentially across the whole of the Middle East.

Many countries in the region rely on water tankers to deliver drinking water on a commercial ‘paid for’ basis. The tankers are filled using old-fashioned hand-operated valves in Kuwait’s water filling stations.

Aquaflow filling units incorporate smart card technology to deliver large volumes of water, deduct payment at source and replace the hand-operated valves. Easy to install and simple to operate, the unique units are the heart of the Aquaflow system.

Designed by Radius Creative for client Weststone, the low voltage, low maintenance dispensing system operates in extreme conditions, helps prevent fraud (the smart card security code has 16 million combinations and usage is recorded for up to 12 months), and eliminates waste by dispensing water to an accuracy of less than 0.5 per cent.

The units also provide security for the tanker operators, who make cash-free payments for a preset quantity of water, while providing a cost-effective method for revenue-collection.

The Aquaflow technology includes a flow sensor, solenoid valve and removable electronics pack containing a card reader, circuit board, keypad, LCD display, stop/start switches etc, all housed in a sealed case manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium. The electronics incorporate components manufactured to military specifications to ensure reliability.

Installation of the first Aquaflow filling units has now commenced.


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