A quick update…

It’s been a little while since last updating the blog. Lots of things have been going on here at Radius from taking on new staff through to some really exciting new projects. Growth is such a distraction!

I guess that’s an excuse for neglecting the blog a bit – It does tend to go on the back burner when we’ve got our hands full – (which is exactly how it should be I think!)

One thing that we are very grateful for is when existing customers recommend us to their contacts. Over the last month, we’ve had two such recommendations which is great and shows we must be doing things right! It’s also a very economical way of reaching new customers.

It’s been good to get continuing business through our existing customers too of course.

In the current economic climate, I think it’s very comforting to see companies developing new products which really proves the point of how design can help companies to keep their competitive advantage.

Of course, this is nothing new but I think it’s accentuated when times are more difficult and shows the value of good product design.

Another thing we’ve noticed recently is more customers coming to us for manufacturing advice. Choosing the right partner for manufacture as well as important decisions such as the right material choices and processes can save many tens of thousands through the life cycle of a project. It’s great to see companies large and small focussing on this side of things. I think it’s one of the key factors that will keep Britain competitive and ensure growth is sustainable.

I’m looking forward to updating the site with a few new projects soon – at the moment these projects are still in the pre-launch phase and therefore under strict confidentiality but all will be revealed in the coming weeks.


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