The brand hijackers

Ok, so you’re a household name. A big brand like… Let’s say ‘Electrolux’.

Being so successful, you will probably want to guard and protect the brand image you’ve built up over the years. God knows it’s cost enough to get to where you are.

Then, some student comes up with an idea so awful and badly thought out they should never have been let onto a design course in the first place. But hey, they can use a rendering package so rather than just sketch it out and then disregard it, they build up a model in 3D cad, render it up so it looks like a real product and before plastering it all over the internet, they put your brand on it! (check it out!)

If you were a company passing off your goods as someone else’s, you would be going from concept to courtroom faster than you could say infringement.

But for some reason it’s ok to do this if you’re a student. What’s more, the tutors don’t seem to mind.
Maybe in the past it was considered unimportant as the concept rarely got past the students degree shows. These days however with the power of the internet, the concept can be broadcast globally. Who’s to say that people don’t realise it’s just a concept or that it actually has nothing to do with the brand. Bad design made to look like real products confuses the customer base. People associate these concepts with the brand. Unless these companies nip this in the bud, they may get a few shocks.


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